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Commercial Furniture Restoration

Our team provides a range of furniture restoration services for commercial, educational and governmental customers. Some of our clients include restaurants, auditoriums, churches, business and government offices among others.

With a range of services including stripping, refinishing and the repair of wooden furniture (desks, chairs, tables, benches, bookcases, doors, church pews and kneelers, restaurant tables and chairs and dormitory furniture), we can handle the repair of any goods or wood furniture.

With a wide variety of fabric choices, we can offer our upholstery services for chairs, reception area furniture, cushions and restaurant banquet furniture. We can work with just about any fabric vendor you or your team has in mind.

Offering “touch up” services for items that don’t need complete refinishing or stripping, we can give your pieces a second wind and extend their lifespan. Restoring furniture is a good practice for a variety of reasons including:

  • It is cost-effective, as restoring furniture often is much less expensive than buying new
  • The quality and style of furniture that you already own is maintained. The quality of older furniture is often much better than what can be purchased today
  • Your business will have a face-lift by improving the appearance of your furniture
  • It promotes environmental friendliness by recycling

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